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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tutorial : How To Pay Using Maybank2U

In countries where online shopping is more established such as the USA and UK, credit card is often the only way to purchase items from e-commerce store. In Malaysia however, you will realise that most blogshops accept payment through online fund transfer. The most popular payment gateway is through Maybank2u.com.
As online banking is rather new in Malaysia, not everybody know how it works. Today we will tell you step-by-step how to make payment to a merchant using your Maybank2u account.We assume that you already have a Maybank account and have register a Maybank2u  account.Learn how to make payment in 10 simple steps!

1. Log in to your account

Go to http://www.maybank2u.com. Click the yellow login button on the top right of the page. Then, log in with your account’s username and password.

2. Click on ‘Accounts & Banking’


3. Click on ‘Transfers’


4. Click on ‘New 3rd Party Account transfer’

5.  Key in the amount to be transferred in the ‘Amount’ box


6. Key in ’3rd Party Maybank Account Number’

This is the account number given to you by the blogshop owner.

7. Key in ‘Recipient email address’ (optional)

There is a box in which you may key in a recipient email address. While this step is optional, we highly advise you not to skip this step. If you key in the recipient email address,  the  blogshop owner should immediately receive a notification. This way, the blogshop owner can verify that they have received payment from you.

8. Key in ‘Description of Transaction’ (optional)

This step is also optional. However, we advise you to write the name of the items you buy.

9. Click on ‘Request TAC Number’

Double check the details and ensure that you send before you request your TAC number. You will receive the TAC number via SMS.

10. Key in  the 6 digits TAC number

After you key in the 6 digit TAC number, click on ‘confirm’ button.

Done! You have completed the transaction.

Making payment through Maybank2u.com is as easy as that 10 simple steps. The blogshop owner should receive payment immediately. Yes, that is even if you make payment on a Sunday. If the blogshop owner is efficient, you’ll get your item in no time!

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