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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Personality LabiLabi

At a Glance

• Focused on tasks, persists until job is done.
• Detailed, meticulous and observant, quick to pick out abnormalities.
• Objective, but may appear detached.
• Faithful, trustworthy and devoted in long-term relationships.
• Exercises authority, takes ownership of responsibilities.
• Sees people as nice and friendly, not comfortable to wheel and deal.
• Less inclined to decide how and what needs to be done ahead of schedule.
• Less expressive verbally.
• Needs clear and thorough instructions, slow to act when uncertain.

While at Work

Mr NAIM is prepared to put in hard work moderately but he may at times prefer to work at his own pace.

Mr NAIM is relatively dependable to deliver results on time. He may sometimes be late in meeting deadlines.

Mr NAIM persists with a task until it is completed. Determination, commitment and perseverance are his strength; hence he can be depended upon to meet work obligations. Mr NAIM is suitable for long-term projects because he is sufficiently focused to see them through completion.

Mr NAIM is likely to be quality-conscious and achievement-oriented. He is motivated to produce work that is of a high standard. He is observant, quick to spot errors and critical where work is concerned. He is likely to be meticulous, careful and pre-occupied with detail.

Mr NAIM is an objective person who is impartial and rational. He speaks factually and often does not involve his own feelings and emotions. He may sometimes be perceived as distant or detached.

Although Mr NAIM is usually a sympathetic person, he may at times be selective about being involved in the personal problems of people.

Mr NAIM is friendly and outgoing when he is with friends although he may at times prefer to be quiet.

Mr NAIM is the sort of person who forms long term bonds and attachments. He is faithful, trustworthy, and devoted in such relationships. He tends to be trusting, dedicated and protective towards those he loves. Patriotism and sense of duty is a significant aspect of his character.

Taking ownership of His responsibilities and being accountable to higher authority are strong trademarks of Mr NAIM. He is responsible, courageous, commanding and forceful. However, others may see him as being territorial because he is likely to assert control over work situations. Mr NAIM will probably feel demotivated when not given enough responsibilities.

Mr NAIM is moderately concerned with prestige, rank and reputation.

Mr NAIM sees people as friendly, reliable and honest. He is trusting and believes what people say. He tends to be unsuspecting of people.s behaviour and motives. He is uncomfortable when he has to wheel and deal.

Mr NAIM's leadership qualities are moderate and he is sometimes able to get the support of people.

Mr NAIM is as keen to explore abstract concepts when the topic appeals to him and he is as interested to discuss theoretical issues as the average person.

Being less inclined to plan, Mr NAIM has the tendency to be disorganized, unsystematic and reactive to the situation. He may waste time and effort because he may end up having to rework his tasks due to lack of planning.

Mr NAIM is not an expressive person and may have difficulty expressing his ideas, thoughts or plans. His language ability may not be strong and he could be described as a person of few words.

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