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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Contest : Water For Elephants Giveaway

Q1 : LabiLabi nak jadi pelatih kambing..sebab nak bagi kambing itu dapat membuat aksi akrobatik dan boleh berjalan2 atas bola macam beruang..hehehe..You know it might be the first and ever job that people will do.. Goat Trainer it is awesome job?? :)

Q2: Robert Pattinson?Who is he?

Gotcha!! About Robert Pat "Things" I love his movie especially in Twilight..Former model Robert Pattinson sweeps everyone off their feet. He is the hottest guy and has won an award for that too. He sings great and his guitar playing tactics are awesome, he was even part of a band. He also have fantastic job in Harry Porter. Robert is a very cool guy. he looks very nice with Kristen and I think Robert and Kristen will make more movies together in future

List of movie that Robert Pattinson been in

1. every twilight movie 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012---- "Edward Cullen"
2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ---- "Cedric"
3. Little Ashes ---- "Salvador Dali"
4. How to be ---- "Art"
5.The Bad Mother's Handbook ---- "Daniel Gale"
6. The Haunted Airman ---- "Toby Jugg"
7. Vanity Fair ---- "Older Rawdy Crawley"
8. The summer house ---- "Richard"
9. Ring of Nibelungs ---- "Giselher"
10. Remember Me---- "Tyler"
11. water for elephants --- "Jacob"

P/S : Jadikanlah aku pemenang wahai marang kerapu marang kepunden Para-para pakguard Kilang-Kilang dan penjaga pondok-pondok sekalian..Anakanda meminta kerjasama Marang Kerapu Marang Kepunden sekalian..

I entered the Water For Elephants Giveaway for a chance to win a Water For Elephants book and a movie pass for two at http://www.pupuchik.com

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